Stilt walkers



Clown Magic Show

This adorable, fun loving clown will have you squealing with laughter with her crazy antics. The Children become stars themselves when they get to help with virtually every routine and watch as magic happens right before their eyes. Help Miss Donna cook a magic cake, giggle at her silly juggling and be amazed as she uses an arm full of balloons to create an amazing extra large balloon animal for the birthday child.


Pirate Show

Ahoy there mates!

Arm the kids with lots of giggles and smiles, then strike the main sail, stow the cannon and get ready for mayhem as we introduce Daring Donna the Pirate, the bravest pirate ever to sail a plastic boat in a bathtub. Join in the fun as this crazy pirate teaches the children the pirate song, recruits new crew members to help her cook a magic cake and create mayhem as she tries to juggle sea urchins.

. . .

Magic Show
with SIR ANDUM - Master Magician

  1. If you are after a traditional magic show filled with wonder, excitment and fun, then Sir Andum is your magician.

    This amazing traditional magic show is filled with wonder, excitement, fun and giggles. With magically colouring books, appearing flowers and disappearing balls and much more, Your children take part in this delightfully interractive experience and always leave with lasting memories. Abracadabra...