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Stilt walkers



Entertainment for shopping centres is much loved by all and brings customers back again and again. We have week long entertainment packages for school holiday and roving entertainment for a any occasion whether a store opening, public holiday or just because it is the weekend. We have set shopping centre packages which have been tried and proven to work or you can create your own entertainment package.

6 Day School Holidays Package

2 shows per day and balloon workshops per day

All days include a colouring in competition with prizes presented on last day.

2 shows to choose from
Miss Donna's Magic Clown Show or Daring Donnas' Pirate Show

    Miss Donna's Magic Clown Show
This adorable, fun loving clown will have you squealing with laughter with her crazy antics. The Children become stars themselves when they get to help with virtually every routine and watch as magic happens right before their eyes. Help Miss Donna cook a magic cake, giggle at her silly juggling and be amazed as she uses an arm full of balloons to create never seen before extra large balloon animal.
    Daring Donnas' Pirate Show
Arm the kids with lots of giggles and smiles, then strike the main sail, stow the cannon and get ready for mayhem as we introduce Daring Donna the Pirate, the bravest pirate ever to sail a plastic boat in a bathtub. Join in the fun as this crazy pirate teaches the children the pirate song, recruits new crew members to help her cook a magic cake and create mayhem as she tries to juggle sea urchins.
    Balloon Workshops
Balloon twisting workshops are a buzz of colour, fun and excitement, great to add to any festive atmosphere. Balloon workshops give each child hands on experience in creative balloon twisting and self expression. They become official balloon twisters themselves... and best of all is watching their faces light up as they walk away with their own creative achievements.

Colouring in Competition
Colouring in competition runs
all week. Prizes are presented
at the beginning of the
last show of the week.



Roving characters

We have a great range of roving and static entertainers too from amazing balloon twisters
and stilt walkers to jugglers and face painters. With a range of characters such as clowns,
fairies, pirates, elves, angels and much more, we are sure to have something right for your centre.