Stilt walkers





Circus workshops are great for all types of events and groups whether an activity to stop in and have a go at while exploring a festival,
a project for a school group or a fun team building exersise for a corporate day.

Learning circus skills promote left brain right brain activity, hand-eye co-ordination and helps build confidence and a great sense of
achievement while having fun. You get hands on experience with juggling balls, clubs, poi, diablo, stilts, star sticks, uni cycles,
spinning plates and much more with all your circus equipment and training provided for you!


Open Circus Skills Workshops

Great Scott's Circus Workshops are great for a veriety of events and can be tailored to your needs.

The workshops work well at festivals and events aimed at the general public where absolutely anyone can join in, young or old. These open workshops usually last 2 hours and bring a fun, colourful atmosphere to any event. Great Scott teaches and runs the workshops himself along with other trained professionals (if needed) to create a fun and exciting experience with group and one on one activities. Encouraging participation and personal achievements.

A fun activity for a Corporate Training Day, School Youth Groups, Festivals, Fetes, Fun Days


Closed Circus Skills Workshops

Perfect for schools/ classrooms or events where people are allocated or sign in for the workshop prior to the event. Maximum of 30 participants per workshop and vary in time depending on ages and the size of group involved.

Great Scott starts off with a short warm up juggling workshop then demonstrates the different skills for each piece of equipment available.

The participants are then given creative time with the equipment of their choice. They can change between equipment through out the session.

Great Scott and his assistants will facilitate and help people one on one with the circus skills. These workshops are great for creativity, left and right brain coordination, encouraging self confidence and awareness and a wonderful sense of personal achievement.



Fantastic hands on activity. Can be tailored for children or adults at festivals, birthday parties, schools or as a fun team building exersise for a corporate day.

Learn the basics of balloon twisting, have fun following your balloon twisting instructor/clown to make your own balloon animals, then have a blast with the free creative time to create your very own design using multipul balloons!

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